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  • Katie Aspin

83 Ways My Life Changed After Losing 83 Pounds

Before moving to Georgia in 2014, I honestly never thought that I would have my own weight loss journey. Growing up, I read countless success stories of individuals that lost a significant amount of weight and I was honestly jealous because I would have given almost anything to be thin. However, I just never thought I would have the willpower to lose the weight and would therefore be heavy for the rest of my life.

While I did lose some weight prior to heading south almost five years ago, it wasn't until I moved to the Peach State that I completely overhauled my eating and exercise habits for the better and it was one of the best decisions I could have ever made for myself. I would still like to lose an additional 15 pounds but I am completely aware that losing 83 pounds is an accomplishment in itself and I am proud of that.

Seeing the scale drop from 233 to 150 pounds was such an amazing feeling but I never realized everything I would be gaining as the number on the scale dropped. I came up with 83 ways that my life has changed once I lost 83 pounds and I have listed them below. This is quite lengthy so grab a cup of coffee (or your choice of beverage) and enjoy...

1.) When going to my cousin's softball games as a kid, I would always take my camping chair and when I would sit down in it, I made sure to do so carefully in fear of breaking it. Now, I can sit in any chair and if it does break, I know it's because of the chair - not me.

2.) I used to have anxiety when I waited in lines at amusement parks because I worried that I wouldn't fit on the rides. I used to work at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio and saw individuals making that "walk of shame" way too often when someone didn't fit and I knew that would be me one day I didn't change my ways. I can now fit on any ride with ease.

3.) Quest Bars are my favorite protein bar but I first started buying them, the only place I could get them was at GNC and I felt embarrassed about shopping there because I felt that I didn't fit the mold. Now, I can buy them there without feeling like I'm being judged.

4.) When taking a shower, I'd always have a gap in my towel but I now have plenty of room for my towel to go around me.

5.) A fear I had prior to my weight loss journey was the idea of loose skin. While I hoped that I would lose the weight slow enough to prevent it but that wasn't the case. However, now that I have had a tummy tuck to remove the loose skin, I wouldn't change a thing.

6.) I had never been able to sit cross legged had a difficult time sitting Indian-style at 233 pounds. Even when I did manage to sit Indian-style, I couldn't get up without getting on my knee first. Now, I can even sit Indian-style in a desk chair.

7.) When going shopping for clothes, I no longer have to look for the largest size in the store and see if there is something I even remotely like. Now, I can look for clothes that I actually like and see if they have it in my size.

8.) I was always hot as a kid, even when I wasn't doing anything. Now it seems like I always have a blanket or sweatshirt nearby because I'm typically cold.

9.) When going into department stores, I used to head straight for the Women's and Plus size sections; now I go to the Junior's area.

10.) Growing up, I'd never go shopping with friends because I was ashamed that I could never fit in the clothes where they shopped. Now, I have the ability to shop in any store.

11.) I didn't start eating salads until 2013 or 2014 and now it's one of my favorite meals.

12.) I used to wear XXL t-shirts; now I wear a medium

13.) My go to quick service restaurants used to be Taco Bell and McDonald's. Now, I prefer eating healthier at Panera and Chick-Fil-A.

14.) I have developed an entire new set of tastebuds. Instead of eating fried foods and pasta all of the time, I now enjoy whole grains, fresh fruit, salads, grilled chicken, oats (still trying to develop a taste for actual oatmeal), smoothies and things like that.

15.) Growing up, I'd never eat breakfast because I thought saving those calories for later would help me lose weight. Turns out I was incredibly wrong and now I feel completely off if I don't have my morning meal - which is typically a BelVita biscuit and one of these homemade protein balls.

16.) I used to feel ashamed when I spent time with my family because they were all thin and athletic while I was fat so I felt like the ugly duckling. Now, I finally feel like I belong.

17.) If I ever got cold at a friend's house, I never mentioned it because I knew I could never fit in a sweatshirt of theirs. Now, there are times when they are too big.

18.) When I go clothes shopping now, I feel like I'm able to dress my age instead of 20 years older.

19.) I'm no longer embarrassed to talk about my love of food anymore, whether it's salad, fresh fruit or pizza. I love it and not afraid to admit it.

20.) I feel worthy of admitting that I am hungry now. When I weighed 233 pounds, I felt like others would think, "When isn't she hungry?"

21.) I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be able to eat what I want, when I want. I sort of just do my own thing because I know what works for me and how certain foods affect me and I am okay with that. For instance, I feel awful when I eat a heavy amount of sodium so I make sure to watch my intake.

22.) I have learned to recognize the signs of when my body needs food, which include a headache and feeling of lightheadedness.

23.) I now think of food as fuel. Instead of living to eat, I now eat to live.

24.) I truly enjoy eating the foods I eat. I actually don't eat anything I don't like. In fact, besides salads and spinach in my smoothies, I rarely eat any vegetables (although I'm challenging myself to get better at this).

25.) It's weird being hit on by guys now because I still don't take compliments well and I honestly don't know how to react when it happens.

26.) Now days, I eat at home 80% of the time because I enjoy it and if I make my own meals, I know what's in them.

27.) I don't feel self-conscious about what's in my shopping cart anymore because 85% of it is now healthy.

28.) I still enjoy eating at restaurants every now and then but I make sure my meals stick within my goals.

29.) I make things accommodate my lifestyle now and refuse to let other's make me feel guilty for doing what's best for me. If I'm going to a friend's house for instance, I'll ask what's on the menu and if it's not in the realm of what I typically eat, I will either take my food with me or eat before I go.

30.) I have dropped from a size 22 to a size 12.

31.) At 233 pounds, my BMI was 41, which is considered to be obese. Now, I'm at a much healthier 26.

32.) I used to feel ashamed when buying junk food because I hated wondering what people thought. Now, I feel like I can buy it without other shoppers looking at me and thinking that I need to eat healthier.

33.) I would love to participate in a Color Run or the Big 10K in Chicago and even though it may not be possible because of problems in my left foot, I never thought I would actually want to run in races.

34.) Going to the gym now is one of my favorite things to do.

35.) Wearing yoga pants is possible now and I absolutely love yoga pants.

36.) I actually think food tastes better now. It's almost like sweet food tastes sweeter, creamy food tastes creamier, fruity food tastes fruitier, spicy food tastes food, etc.

37.) I walk a lot at my job, especially during the summers and it's so much easier to do without the excess weight and skin.

38.) Using the MyFitnessPal app to count my calories is enjoyable to me because it helps me feel in control.

39.) I have learned to love snacking because it actually keeps my metabolism going.

40.) It's weird that I can see my collarbone and the bones in my knee on a daily basis instead of just seeing blobs.

41.) Taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work is now a decision I regularly make just for the fact that I want to.

42.) I can take a bath now without my sides touching the edge of the tub.

43.) Going to sporting events are more enjoyable now because I don't have to worry about the arms of the chairs cutting into me.

44.) I used to lay down on my bed to button and zip my jeans because I didn't want to buy a bigger pair. Now it amazes me when I don't have to do that AND I'm buying smaller pants.

45.) The insides of my legs used to chafe all of the time when walking, especially in the heat but not anymore.

46.) I don't mind having my picture taken now, provided someone is in it with me.

47.) I absolutely hated the presidential fitness test in elementary school (the one with sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, shuttle run, butterfly stretch and 1-mile run that used to just tell you who the athletic kids were even though that was already obvious) because it was always so embarrassing for me. I now wish I could go back to do it.

48.) I feel more feminine now with the curves I have and I like it.

49.) Going to the doctor's office used to give me anxiety in fear of what they might tell me. Now, I actually don't mind going.

50.) People have told me to not get too skinny and I have to make sure they are talking to me because I never thought in a million years someone would ever say that to me.

51.) I used to wake up feeling sore and achy because of the extra weight I was carrying around. Now, I'm only sore following workouts.

52.) I learned that 83 pounds is equivalent to 10 gallons of water or the world's largest ball of tape. Imagine carrying that around on a daily basis.

53.) Instead of having to wear ugly panties, I can now buy cute underwear.

54.) I can now be picked up by a guy without having to worry that I'll break his back.

55.) I don't gorge on food to the point where I feel like I need a nap. I eat correct portion sizes and recognize when I'm full.

56.) Feeling more feminine gives me the desire to wear cuter clothes so after my second skin removal surgery, I plan on shopping for a new wardrobe.

57.) I feel like I have so much more energy now. I used to love being a couch potato and now, I'd rather work to get my 10,000 daily steps.

58.) I'm currently the smallest I've ever been and it's a crazy but awesome feeling

59.) I now prefer whole wheat flour over white flour and using almond milk instead of dairy milk in recipes.

60.) I now have a schedule that I stick to for eating instead of just eating when I'm hungry.

61.) I've learned that staying on the perimeter of the grocery store is the best tip when shopping for food.

62.) I hated drinking water when I was growing up and while I'm still trying to drink more, I always have a bottle or glass filled with me wherever I go.

63.) I absolutely hate seeing pictures of myself when I was overweight but at the same time, I enjoy seeing how far I've come.

64.) If you told me 10 years ago that I would be making recipes that use protein powder, chia seeds and flax seed, I would have laughed at you.

65.) I used to sit up front in cars when I was with a group of people because it was a tight fit when sitting in the back with two other people. Now, I am typically stuck sitting in the middle in the backseat because I'm the smallest.

66.) Crystal Light packets are amazing when you want to be healthy but want something other than plain water.

67.) I absolutely hated the way I looked growing up and as a result, my self-confidence was shot. Now, I am slowly learning to like myself.

68.) I don't mind when someone wraps their hand around my waist now but I used to hate the thought of someone touching my fat or excess skin.

69.) I used to think that I could just go on a diet, get down to my goal weight and go back to eating unhealthy. It really is a lifestyle change though.

70.) This may be TMI but my bowels are more "regular now."

71.) I simply just feel better.

72.) I realized that I absolutely love breakfast for dinner (especially eggs/turkey sausage, or Simply Taralynn's whole wheat pancakes).

73.) I enjoy finding new ways to be healthier.

74.) I decide what to eat based on whether it's worth the calories or not. In other words, I think before I eat now.

75.) Once in a while, I wonder where I'd be if I was still obese and it makes me happy that I finally decided to take care of myself

76.) I've gotten more adventurous since losing the weight. I love hiking, learning new exercises, taking spin classes, trying new foods, etc.

77.) If I sit too long, I have to go to the gym or at least go for a walk.

78.) I've learned that eating at home can save SO much money and I wish I would have done a comparison as to how much I would save each month.

79.) I'm now excited for friends that haven't seen me in a while to see how I have changed.

80.) It's strange because I didn't develop a sweet tooth until after I lost all of the weight but I've found healthier desserts to help combat the cravings to stay within my goals. I still love cake every now and then though.

81.) I used to be self-conscious about wearing shorts; now I have more pairs of shorts than pants in my closet.

82.) I've made some new friends because of my newfound fitness goals.

83.) I can't stand the taste of regular pop anymore; I now have to drink diet. I am aware it's still not great for me but hey, we all have our vices :)

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